Reality TV: Survivor Game Changers – S34E01 – The Stakes Have Been Raised

S34 Logo Final

Everyone is so excited for another season of Survivor. And now, it’s the 34th season and back in Fiji, Mamanuca Islands!

All are returning players from the previous seasons, who are said to be the “Game Changers”. Here is the list of 20 players:


Mana Tribe (orange buff)

  • Ciera Eastin
    27, Salem, Oregon
    Survivor Blood vs. Water & Cambodia
  • Tony Vlachos
    42, Jersey City, New Jersey
    Survivor Cagayan
  • Caleb Reynolds
    28, Hopkinsville, Kentucky
    Survivor Kaôh Rōng
  • Aubry Bracco
    30, Cambridge, Massachusetts
    Survivor Kaôh Rōng
  • Michaela Bradshaw
    25, Fort Worth, Texas
    Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X
  • Sandra Diaz-Twine
    41, Fayetteville, North Carolina
    Survivor Pearl Islands & Heroes vs. Villains
  • Hali Ford
    26, San Francisco, California
    Survivor Worlds Apart
  • Malcolm Freberg
    29, Hermosa Beach, California
    Survivor Philippines & Caramoan
  • Troy “Troyzan” Robertson
    54, Miami, Florida
    Survivor One World
  • Jeff Varner
    50, High Point, North Carolina
    Survivor The Australian Outback & Cambodia

Nuku Tribe (blue buff)

  • Zeke Smith
    28, Brooklyn, New York
    Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X
  • Oscar “Ozzy” Lusth
    34, Venice, California
    Survivor Cook Islands, Micronesia & South Pacific
  • Sarah Lacina
    32, Marion, Iowa
    Survivor Cagayan
  • Cirie Fields
    45, Norwalk, Connecticut
    Survivor Panama, Micronesia & Heroes vs. Villains
  • Brad Culpepper
    47, Tampa, Florida
    Survivor Blood vs. Water
  • Andrea Boehlke
    27, New York City, New York
    Survivor Redemption Island & Caramoan
  • Sierra Dawn Thomas
    29, Roy, Utah
    Survivor Worlds Apart
  • James “J.T.” Thomas Jr.
    31, Mobile, Alabama
    Survivor Tocantins & Heroes vs. Villains
  • Tai Trang
    52, San Francisco, California
    Survivor Kaôh Rōng
  • Debbie Wanner
    51, Reading, Pennsylvania
    Survivor Kaôh Rōng

Seeing the list of players, it’s hard to root for someone as all of them have their own strengths and weakness and like other fanatics, we all know them and how they play. There are also 3 winners playing (Sandra, JT and Tony), Sandra winning twice so these are the major threats that I’m seeing this season. Will they be voted off earlier than we think? We’ll let’s see.

The first episode is almost 1:30, just like the usual pilot episodes and this is the 500th episode. This means there are 2 immunity games and 2 tribal councils!

Game_changers_immunity_idol.pngWhat’s new in this season? Of course, the tribe’s Immunity Idol. Let’s just wait for the individual and immunity idol on how they look like. But I’m expecting a better one. This season’s immunity idol is not “tribal-ish”, if there’s a term as such because it’s a vintage diving helmet. Never in my mind expected it to look like that.

Another new this season is the if there’s a tie in a vote, there is no re-vote. A tie breaker will be made. So that means if there’s a unanimous decision on who to vote out, then the person goes home. But if not, the people on tie will be safe, and the remaining will need to draw rocks. Isn’t that exciting?!!!

1st Immunity Challenge: Of course, the last part of the challenge is the most exciting, especially if it’s the puzzle making. They have to finish a ship’s wheel puzzle, the challenge where Ciera was beaten by her mother. Ciera is with Sandra, while Zeek is with Cirie. Mana tribe was able to catch up at the puzzle making part but still, the Nuku tribe defeated them.

1st Tribal Council
Since Tony and Sandra are in the losing tribe, they tend to be close to each other as to shield themselves in being voted off. So Tony’s plan is to do such, with Malcolm, Aubry, Sandraand Caleb who he think are the strong players of the tribe. Knowing Ciera as the scheming one and who is a master of plotting, she then pitched Tony’s name to be voted off. With this, the others are thinking why not vote Ciera out early in this game or they will be handpicked one by one. While Ciera is around during a group conversation, they said that they want Michaela gone, which Ciera agreed. Michaela, who has her bitchy girl mode switched on, is making faces and feeling uneasy on why is her name being brought up. It’s like she’s being the sacrificial lamb. Everyone in the tribe are now thinking to vote her off now if she’s being so emotional. But in the end, the first casualty of this season is Ciera.

2nd Immunity Challenge: So before the day of the immunity challenge, while Tony is making his ‘spy bunker’ near the well, he heard Troyzan and Sandra talking about him while sneaking. He came out of the darkness and confronted the two. And of course, they have to make stories. At that point, Tony thinks that Sandra is ditching him, loser her loyalty to him. And now the battle of the champions began. So no one would like to go home early, so they have to regroup. Now, in the immunity challenge,  Nuku is still ahead of the race but not until the tossing of the rings where Malcolm of the Mana tribe doing it on his own, was able to catch up with Sierra and JT. Malcolm, feeling a bit tired, asked by Michaela if he needs help, but still wanted to continue. Knowing Michaela who doesn’t want to lose challenges, is a bit frustrated as there are only two rings left for the other tribe to shoot to win. But JT, who is under pressure who’s on tie with Malcolm, finished it and won the tribe’s 2nd challenge. 

maxresdefault.jpg2nd Tribal Council: Being a two-time winner, Sandra is really a big threat into the game. So before the tribal council, she was able to convince to vote off Tony who they think is a bigger threat as he is on the side of choosing who to leave and then everyone will follow. But then again, Sandra was successful, having to send Tony home very early. So no ‘spy bunker’ anymore and looking for immunity idols.


Survivor: Millenials vs Gen X S33E04

Survivor is one of the reality TV shows that I really watch every season. The challenges, the stories and the dramas. I can’t believe that it’s at its 33rd season!

Well this season, though it’s entitled ‘Millenials vs Gen X’, it’s really between an older tribe versus a younger tribe. Either being bold enough to try new this or you want the old systematic way of playing the game.

In this episode, it just shows that you really need to have a goal so that you can perform at your best. Hats off to Michaella of the Millenials as she pushed herself in the reward challenge to the point where she needs to remove her top just to win a point! Like the others had said, she’s like an Amazon woman! But with the help of the big guys of the Gen X (Chris & Brett) and Ken ‘Doll’ as the youngsters coined him, helped the tribe to win the mouthwatering steaks, sausages and spices.

Trying to win another immunity challenge, the Millenials did their best in solving the puzzle. I thought they won’t win as they’re thinking not as a unit but individually, counting letters if it would solve the puzzle. And they prevailed! The Gen X however tried their best but I think they overthink too much and tried a lot of possible answers, which is not bad at all. It’s their strategy.

At the Takali tribe (Gen X), they are planning to blindside Jessica because the others say she planned the Paul blindside last week. Another option to vote out, which is for the bottom 3 (Ken, David & Cece) is Lucy who seems to be another dictator. Ken told Jessica about the plan to get Sunday and have numbers but unfortunately, she reported it to Lucy, who of course, will deny it that she’s the one who told Ken to vote for her. And then ‘live’ tribal begins during the night.

The issue of voting who and what to do was raised during the tribal council. Though Ken did his best to convince Jessica that she’s in the chopping block, the majority still voted for her. But the fun part is…Dave played his immunity idol for her, maybe to gain her trust. Then the votes casted are 2 for Lucy and 1 for Cece, so another Asian went home.

Next episode will be exciting as the whole Takali tribe find another immunity idol! But the best part of all, tribe swap time!