Foodstagram: Golden Lava Salted Egg Yolk Bun

This is one of the best custard bun that I’ve tasted, Din Tai Fung’s Golden Lava Salted Egg Yolk Bun.

First time I’ve tasted this was in Din Tai Fung Singapore (Tampines) and one local restaurant in Bugis. The price is Bugis is cheaper and has a compared to Din Tai Fung’s 😉

What I love about it is the lava-like flow of the salted egg custard after biting the bun! Some might taste the strong fresh-like taste of the egg (like my mom) but for me it’s normal. The secret is to balance that taste with the saltiness of the salted egg and the buttery sweetness of the custard. Just to comment, the bun is better tasting in Singapore compared to here in the Philippines. I don’t think it met the consistency of the custard’s texture and taste. 

If you haven’t tried it, try it now! Make sure that you eat it while it’s still hot, to experience the flow of the custard from the bun. Also, if you have suggestions on restos who serve good salted egg yolk bun, please do share. Enjoy! 😊


Foodstagram: Melona Honeydew Melon Icecream Bar

I can’t remember when was the last time I’ve eaten one of these. I think it’s more than 7yrs?

This was introduced to me by one of my colleague who’s Koreanovela fanatic. We went to a Korean store in Pearl Drive, Ortigas and was just surprised of tons of Korean goodies! 

The taste of the melon is not too strong, maybe because of the cream and milk mixed in it. I advice to have it totally frozen so it won’t melt easily. 

It’s a bit pricey compared to local brands because it’s from Korea but nonetheless, it’s worth the price. 😉

Next time, I’ll try the strawberry and mango flavour! Yum! 

Foodstagram: Pineapple w/ Shrimp Paste

Pineapple is one of my favoUrite fruit because it’s juicy with a hint of sweet and sour taste. The fruit’s core provide it’s crunchiness in every bite. 

During my college days, we used to eat pineapple with salt from a vendor sidestreet vendor. Then I tried putting shrimp paste (bagoong), which you usually put in green mangoes, then my eyes popped! It’s delicious! 

My mom made the bagoong which is less salty than usual then a bit sweet. Maybe putting a spice to it will make it more tastier. 

Foodstagram: Jollibee Chickenjoy












Who doesn’t love to eat fried chicken, either with rice or just as is?

If you ask a child on what food to prepare on his/her birthday, fried chicken is always there. It’s fun to eat especially when you do it by hand! And of course, if a very tasty gravy come with it.

Here in the Philippines, Jollibee serves the most popular local fried chicken which is the Chickenjoy! From the word itself, chicken + joy or chicken + enjoy! Why? Because of its “crisplylicous & juicylicious” chicken plus the very tasty gravy that even now, I make it as a rice sauce or a soup…ahaha! Crazy is it?

They say that when you eat Chickenjoy, it should be “Laman muna, balat later.” Meaning you eat the meat first, reserve the skin and eat it at the end. Well that’s what we normally do. So the enjoyment of skinning the chicken using your hands kicks in. It’s like KFC‘s “finger lickin’ good tag.

When my mom bought an 8-piece bucket 2 days ago, I was so happy like a child. Very excited to eat it especially if it’s hot and smelling its aroma. It brings back your childhood memories when a simple fried chicken and spag brings a lot of joy to kids. The best part of eating it, use a take out container of gravy per piece. You can’t enjoy it using 1 container for 2pcs. One extra gravy is not that expensive so why not enjoy it. 😊