Foodstagram: Going back to 90’s chichirya…

Can’t remember when was the last time I’ve tasted these but I was still small. I didn’t enjoy eating a lot of these since my mom refused me to do so. You know, ‘junk foods are not good for your health’ ahahaha!

Squid Rings is a squid flavored ring chips. It has a bigger and different packaging now. I love it’s sweet and a bit spicy flavor. Now, it’s more on the sweet-squidy taste. I don’t know if the manufacturers are the same as before but the flavour before is way better. Also, I don’t know if I’ve bought an old manufactured product (didn’t check the label 😂) but it’s not crunchy anymore. ‘Lasang luma’ though I’ve bought a couple of times, its all the same…sadly. 😞

Pritos Ring is a barbeque flavored ring chips. Luckily, it tastes still the same but the pacaking is so small for you to enjoy it. Bitin! Unlike the Squid Rings, it doesn’t taste expired ahahaha! 😂

So what’s your favorite 90’s snack? 😊