Survivor: Millenials vs Gen X S33E04

Survivor is one of the reality TV shows that I really watch every season. The challenges, the stories and the dramas. I can’t believe that it’s at its 33rd season!

Well this season, though it’s entitled ‘Millenials vs Gen X’, it’s really between an older tribe versus a younger tribe. Either being bold enough to try new this or you want the old systematic way of playing the game.

In this episode, it just shows that you really need to have a goal so that you can perform at your best. Hats off to Michaella of the Millenials as she pushed herself in the reward challenge to the point where she needs to remove her top just to win a point! Like the others had said, she’s like an Amazon woman! But with the help of the big guys of the Gen X (Chris & Brett) and Ken ‘Doll’ as the youngsters coined him, helped the tribe to win the mouthwatering steaks, sausages and spices.

Trying to win another immunity challenge, the Millenials did their best in solving the puzzle. I thought they won’t win as they’re thinking not as a unit but individually, counting letters if it would solve the puzzle. And they prevailed! The Gen X however tried their best but I think they overthink too much and tried a lot of possible answers, which is not bad at all. It’s their strategy.

At the Takali tribe (Gen X), they are planning to blindside Jessica because the others say she planned the Paul blindside last week. Another option to vote out, which is for the bottom 3 (Ken, David & Cece) is Lucy who seems to be another dictator. Ken told Jessica about the plan to get Sunday and have numbers but unfortunately, she reported it to Lucy, who of course, will deny it that she’s the one who told Ken to vote for her. And then ‘live’ tribal begins during the night.

The issue of voting who and what to do was raised during the tribal council. Though Ken did his best to convince Jessica that she’s in the chopping block, the majority still voted for her. But the fun part is…Dave played his immunity idol for her, maybe to gain her trust. Then the votes casted are 2 for Lucy and 1 for Cece, so another Asian went home.

Next episode will be exciting as the whole Takali tribe find another immunity idol! But the best part of all, tribe swap time!


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