Foodstagram: Nachos De Los Pobres

Since I’m craving for nachos for months  now, I decided to make my own nachos since I’m just at home. 

With some left over ground beef in the fridge (sauteed in oil, sweated and added McCormick Taco seasoning),  white onions, tomatoes and cheddar cheese, I was able to satisfy my craving! Also, mom & dad enjoyed it too!

Why ‘de los pobres‘? Because instead of using expensive nacho or corn chips, I used Granny Goose Tortillos. There’s also Jack n’ Jill Taquitos in the market but I prefer Tortillos as it tastes better. 

Also as an alternative to these ingredients, if you don’t have any ground beef available, you can just use shredded cabbage (optional for me but better if you have it), ketchup (tomato or banana), mayonnaise and cheese. This is what I usually eat when I was still in highschool as it’s a cheap snack and serving is a full paper plate! 

I’ll surely try doing tacos next time but need to buy sour cream, chilli salsa (if I’m lazy to cook one), shredded cabbage and cheese spread (Magnolia Cheezee or Kraft Cheez Whiz) to have a more creamier taste. 


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